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We are very proud of the services we offer to our customers.
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There’s a technician for every type of job you want to get done
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We are, limited liability company, registered under the commonwealth of Virginia state corporation commission, Its located in Woodbridge VA, Winners Hills, has solutions to everything Handyman services you may need for every season and time, whether you’re taking on assembling, installing, repairing, fixture fixing painting and any odd jobs.

There’s a technician for every type of job you want to get done.
At Winners Hills, we are very proud of the services we offer to our customers.
Winners Hills seeks first and foremost to satisfy clients and customers by continuously improving upon operations to make them cost-effective. Winners Hills, is one of the responsive and efficient handyman companies in the DMV.
We provided extensive range of handyman services for our customers both residential and commercial with our number of our technician’s station around the DMV. When we get a service call via phone or email, we immediately dispatch a tech near the customer’s location, where they review the problem and identify the solution, if the repair falls under same day service, the work will be done immediately.
Our Repairs are completed quickly, professionally, and at a high level of quality.

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What Happened Next?

After you have schedule or purchase a service you’ll get an email confirming the service date, time, and other details about your service. Please be prepared to provide the exact item or product you mention for the pro to get it done.

In-Ground Basketball Hoop Installation

Please Call miss utilities (811) to mark the areas for possible utilities lines. Please call at least four days before the first service. We are not allowed to dig a hole without them coming out to check if there are any possible utilities lines.

Before The Installation

Call Miss utilities (811)

First Service

Digging, Pouring the Concrete and Setting the Anchors

Second Service

Assembling the Hoop